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Scuba Diving
We love to dive and we love divers. Scuba was our first industry and our software reflects that. EncomPos Retail offers the most comprehensive set of features needed to run your dive business. From the retail store, to servicing, education, rentals, trips & charters and online solutions, we exceed all of your needs.
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We've recenly entered this new market as a larger percent of our scuba stores have dedicated pools and are filling pool time by offering both scuba and swim lessons. Based on feedback, a new Swim calendar has been added to track swim lessons allocated by pools and pool lanes or sections. Take signups, deposits, payments and track memberships.
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Pet Stores
We are no strangers to the needs of our pet retailers. We understand the importance of customer loyalty, providing you with the tools you need to manage your prices, promote supplier specials, and keep your customers coming back.

And with our direct connection to a large selection of pet suppliers we make product replenishment a breeze.
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Natural Grocer / Healthy Living
Our passion is diving...our lifestyle is health. Familiar to both sides of the counter, we know the complex nature of your customers, which is why EncomPos Retail provides the most dynamic and automated special ordering interface on the market. We also understand your inventory, utilizing image selling for bulk and produce items, integrated scales for deli and weighed items, and a variety of tag sizes to accommodate so much diversity.
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Sports & Leisure / Lifestyle
Everyone knows the key to a healthy lifestyle is sports & leisure. Whether it’s team sports, cycling, boating or the activity of your choice, EncomPos Retail is a perfect fit. With built in rentals, quotes and work orders the software is flexible enough to meet all of your service related needs.
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Welcome To EncomPos Software

Retail Point Of Sale Solutions - EncomPos Retail

* New Version 6
Available Mid February 2015.


Today’s retailers have already maximized profits through tightened inventory control and buying practices. As competition intensifies, retailers are looking for other ways to improve profits and are doing so by focusing on selling practices, including the improvement of merchandising, customer loyalty, relationship management, and promotion management. EncomPos Retail is all of that and more.

Dedicated to Dive shops, Pet stores, Swim stores, Travel and Charter Shops, Natural Grocers / Health Food stores, and of course General Retail plus so much more...

General Retail is our foundation, so any store looking for a solution, and need that bit of extra help with a dedicated knowledagable support crew always available, give us a call (866) 669-5679. No hassle, No pressure. We let our software decide for iteself.

Online Demo
Request an On-Line Demo Just fill out our online form or
give us a call to request a demo of our solutions. Give us an hour to show off the features and we can issue a 30 day trial for you to download.
EncomPos is adding support for the latest Out-Of-Scope card processing platform. What does it all mean? Although EncomPos is already PCI compliant, out of scope is another beast. By utilizing an out of scope solution there are no system scans, no non-compliancy fees, hack resisant end to end encrypted card data means no exposed credit card #'s ever to anyone at anytime. Instant PCI compliancy. Supports EMV Chip, Near Field Communications, Apple NFC and traditional swiped Credit/Debit/EBT. The new method stores tokens for recurring charges without risk. Multiple hardware options - initially offering the Verifone vx805.

New Payment Terminal Support.
Our software has been upgraded to run the Ingenico iSC250... replacing the i6780 generation of payment terminals. Custom graphics included in a terminal package. EMV Chip and NFC capable. Out of Scope encryption coming soon.
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